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And now, we’re proud to announce the industry’s first third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our entire product portfolio that assesses the total lifecycle environmental impact of open-cell spray foam insulation and closed cell spray-foam based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents. With this EPD, we’re making it easier for architects and builders to specify energy-efficient products with a low environmental footprint and reinforcing our commitment to help deliver a more sustainable future.

Open Cell Products – SealTite Pro

For more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature control and optimum energy efficiency, SealTite Pro’s Open Cell spray foam products are the natural choice. Our light-density spray foams provide a high R-value per inch, expanding into crevices and cracks to create a precision seal that beats traditional fiberglass, cellulose, and other loose-fill products.

Open Cell

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UVA Compliant* Open Cell. No Ignition Barrier Coating requiredwhen used in Assembly Specific attic applications.

High Yield

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UVA Compliant* Open Cell that is optimized for yield. No Ignition Barrier Coating required – when used in Assembly Specific attic applications.

No Mix

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UVA Compliant* Open Cell. No Mixing required.

No Trim 21

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A 0.75 LB density generates R21 in a single 5” pass – R15 in a single 3.5” pass. No excess to trim.


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Meets Appendix X. Market leading – No Ignition Barrier Coating required – when used in Assembly Specific attic applications. Contains +/- 14% bio, renewable, recycled and sustainable content.

*UVA Compliant: Please consult CSFI Technical Bulletin for application details and supporting installation criteria.

Closed Cell Products – SealTite Pro

For advanced temperature control, superior moisture resistance, and added structural support, SealTite Pro’s higher-density spray foam products deliver results. With an even tighter seal and higher R-value per inch, closed-cell spray foam is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

SealTite PRO HFO

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High performing for applicators and ultra-low impact to the environment makes it the perfect blend of performance and sustainability.

Closed Cell

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Standard 2.0 LB Density Closed Cell foam.

Accessories – SealTite PRO

SealTite PRO VRC-2 is the first liquid-applied vapor retarder coating that is third-party tested and verified for use on open-cell SPF and meets the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for a Class II vapor retarder.

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