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Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI), a leading manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation products in North America, is pleased to announce SealTite One, Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation’s premier medium-density closed cell spray foam insulation developed for the Canadian market, successfully completed ANSI/UL 263 Standard for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials. Conducted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in Northbrook Illinois, UL 263 evaluates the length of time that various types of assemblies will contain a fire or retain their structural integrity. This test provides a relative measure of fire performance of comparable assemblies under specified fire exposure conditions and assigns a time-based fire resistance rating. SealTite One is now UL-certified in 15 hourly-rated wall designs with 1-hour to 3-hour ratings.

SealTite™ One, Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation’s premier medium-density closed cell spray foam“The use of spray foam insulation products in UL listed hourly rated designs has been gaining in popularity in the United States as architects are attempting to meet more ambitious energy efficiency goals”, says Kevin Wiacek, Product Marketing Manager at Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation. “These full-scale fire tests prove that our spray foam insulation products, even though are considered combustible insulation, do not detract from the fire rating, and can be confidently specified by architects in these certified designs. This lets building owners benefit from the superior insulation benefits SPF offers without compromising safety. Gaining UL acceptance is a key component of Carlisle’s commitment to creating the most preferred spray foam insulation products by architects and insulation contractors.”

According to Iain Stuart, Business Manager for Canada, “This is a first for the Canadian spray foam market. SealTite One is the only S705.1 compliant spray foam insulation product accepted in UL listed fire-rated designs. SealTite One’s unique proprietary formulation gives insulation contractors and architects a complete all-purpose product that meets CAN/ULC standards, air barrier assembly, Greenguard Gold certification, approved for radon mitigation applications, and now hourly fire ratings. With the recently completed product specific EPD, SealTite One is now the easiest to specify spray foam insulation product in Canada.”


For more information about the details on the listed fire-rated assemblies with SealTite One, visit our website or contact your local CSFI sales representative. Test can also be viewed on the UL Product iQ website.


About Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation

Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI) is a leading manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam systems in North America. Previously marketed under Accella Polyurethane Systems – Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation is a fully integrated, spray foam insulation solution, backed by the technology resources—and grounded on the corporate stability—of Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies (CWT). Our SealTite™ ONE product line of spray foam building insulation solutions are formulated to provide the highest level of thermal protection in both residential and commercial applications.

Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies

Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies (CWT) is a leading supplier of building envelope solutions that effectively drive energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial and residential applications. Products include high-performance waterproofing and moisture protection products, protective roofing underlayments, fully integrated liquid and sheet applied air/vapor barrier, sealants/primers and flashing systems, roof coatings and mastics, spray polyurethane foam and coating systems for a wide variety of thermal protection applications and other premium polyurethane products, block molded expanded polystyrene insulation, engineered products for HVAC applications, and premium rubber products for a variety of industrial an surfacing applications.

Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation is a division of Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies (CWT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies (NYSE: CSL)


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